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Name : Tsunade
1st Appearance : Chapter 148
Age : 50 years old
Hair : Blonde
Race : Human
Village : Hidden Leaf Village
Rank : Sennin, 5th Hokage
Techniques : Genesis of Rebirth (Ninpo Sozo Saise), Summoning Technique (Kyuichose No Jutsu)

TsunadeAs a disciple of the Third Hokage, Tsunade is the kunoichi and genius medical ninja of the Densetsu no Sannin (The Legendary Three Ninjas) that includes of her fellow teammates, Orochimaru and Jiraiya. Even though she is around 51 years old, her Transformation Technique (it must be noted that Tsunade's henge is somewhat different from the normal henge as it does not get dispelled when she is slashed or injured, and she apparently does not have to use any effort to keep it up -- it is a permanent henge that only gets partially dispelled when she uses her Sozo Saisei, as the seal on her forehead is where she stores the chakra for her henge) makes it appear as if she were still 20. Her skills would have been key in healing Orochimaru's sealed arms, but she refused and proceeded to fight both him and Kabuto.

Orochimaru had nearly swayed Tsunade into healing his arms by offering to bring her deceased brother, Nawaki, and deceased boyfriend, Dan, back to life, but Jiraiya managed to convince her to instead side with Konoha. Her superhuman physical strength (derived from her extremely fine control of chakra, which she also taught to Sakura as she too had excellent chakra control) could kill Orochimaru with one direct hit, but her summoned giant slug, Katsuyu is not quite as strong as Jiraiya's frog, Gamabunta. One of her more powerful techniques is cellular regeneration, which requires an immense amount of chakra. She was impaled by Orochimaru's Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Kusanagi Sword) numerous times while protecting Naruto, but easily regenerated herself. This skill, however, requires so much chakra that her youthful illusion is dispelled shortly after using it; the cells also divide so rapidly that they approach apoptosis faster, aging her even further.

During one of the Great Ninja Wars, both her younger brother (Nawaki) and her boyfriend (Dan) were killed. Similar to Naruto, they both had dreams of being the Hokage and protecting the ones they loved. Despite being a medical ninja, Tsunade developed a phobia of blood (hemophobia) due to Dan's death. He had been badly injured with several vital organs damaged, and was bleeding heavily. Tsunade had attempted to stop the bleeding, but couldn't, which led to his death, and Tsunade's hemophobia. She eventually overcame this phobia years later, after protecting Naruto, for the sake of those most precious to her. After Nawaki's and Dan's deaths, she left Konohagakure together with her apprentice, and Dan's niece, Shizune.


During the fight, Orochimaru had questioned her actions as she stood protectively over an unconscious Naruto, and Tsunade had replied it was because Naruto was going to be a future Hokage, and before determinedly announcing, "Because... from today onwards, I am the Fifth Hokage!" After the fight, she symbolically plants a kiss on Naruto's forehead, as she did with Nawaki and Dan when she gave them the First Hokage's necklace, professing in her belief and support in Naruto's dream of becoming a Hokage.

One of her noteworthy possessions was her grandfather's amulet (The First Hokage), a necklace that could buy up to three mountains. She "lost" it to Naruto in a bet she made with him to prove a point by challenging him to learn the high-level technique Rasengan in only a week. Even though the people she had given the necklace to up to that point had died shortly after, she decided to give it to Naruto who simply refuses to die until he becomes Hokage (incidentally, out of the previous owners, the only ones not to die shortly after acquiring the necklace went on to become Hokage).

TsunadeTsunade often looks to Naruto as her little brother, as he looks like her dead brother, Nawaki, and has the same dreams to become Hokage like him. The two also look similar and behave similarly. In addition, Naruto holds many of the philosophies Dan took to heart. In a way, Naruto is a combination of both of her loved ones, and one thing that drove Tsunade to overcome her fear and protect Naruto when he was attacked by Orochimaru, was to help Naruto achieve his dream of becoming Hokage, and to prevent him from ending up with the same fate as Nawaki and Dan.

Tsunade is also a compulsive gambler who has the unfortunate disadvantage of having terrible luck. As a result, she has been elevated to a comical status as "The Legendary Sucker" for the gross profits others made off her misfortune and gambling addiction. In her case, occasional turnings of luck and winning streaks are bad omens.

After some initial reluctance, Tsunade agreed to take the title of the Fifth Hokage and lead Konohagakure, and later decided to take Sakura, as her apprentice. Though she has never told him this, Tsunade is already convinced that Naruto will someday achieve his dream of becoming Hokage.

In Naruto Part II, trouble is looming for the Fifth Hokage. Not only is the Konoha council questioning how she treats Naruto, even her attendant Shizune, one of the people she trusts most, is doubting the wisdom of her decisions. However, much like most other people Naruto encounters, Shizune is later swayed to believe Naruto will one day achieve greatness.

Then there is Danzo. As a war hawk and a fierce opponent to the Third Hokage, Danzo doesn't like the fact that Tsunade is now Hokage. It was thought that he was/is even planning a coup d'¨¦tat with the help of Konoha's mortal enemy Orochimaru and utilizing the ANBU department "Ne", commanded by Danzo himself. The Fifth is at least somewhat aware of Danzo's treachery, specifically ordering Yamato to keep an eye out for anything suspicious while on Team 7's mission to the Grass Country.

In Chapter 312, Tsunade receives news from an ANBU, most likely information about Akatsuki. In a brief conversation with Shizune, she decides to "pay them a little visit". This implies that Tsunade knows where Akatsuki (or some of its members) currently are. In Chapter 317, she orders Shizune to mobilize the Niju Shotai in the wake of the recent attack in one of the Fire Country's temple. This force may be assumed as something to "turn the tables on them (Akatsuki)," since she also orders Shizune not to let the Akatsuki out of the Fire Country. In the following chapter, she briefed the new task force to search and destroy the Akatsuki.



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